Nikko AM Japan Dividend Equity Fund

Raising The Sun

With Japan recovering from a long economic slump, Nikko AM came to us with this task: get investors excited about Japan again.

A Message in Pictures

One key challenge we had was how to make complex economic facts digestible as well as engaging for the layman. It is said that a picture says a thousand words, and we found a solution in the wonderfully communicative graphic style native to Japan – Manga!

Telling The Tale

Combining Manga illustrations and research, we worked together with Nikko AM to tell the story of a resurgent Japan. Conceived and produced over a period of 3 months, this labour of love resulted in a 24-page booklet, with many key scenes drawn and illustrated by hand.

The Sequel: Part II

Attractive and effective, the manga graphic style was extended to a series of full page ads reinforcing the case for Japan equities. The full colour ads ran in The Straits Times, the nation’s biggest news daily.

Hitting The Sweet Spot

The campaign painted an upbeat outlook of Japan, and was well-received, even in the Land of Manga!