Siemens Employee Day

One Siemens

1,000 employees. Different business units. One space. 8 hours. How do you get them all to bond?

We took this challenge from Siemens head on by breaking down existing silos and regrouping teams to create shared memories and experiences, witnessing exuberant displays of friendly rivalry along the way!

Different Tribes, One Winning Spirit!

Drawing inspiration from the four elements, we conceived a ‘Tribal’ theme, mixing up the business units and dividing Siemens into four tribes – Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.

The main visual for the event features all four elements coming together in a complete whole – a nod to the winning potential that Siemens has when the tribes combine their strengths and work as one.

Everyone A Winner

With each tribe was given its own emblem, colour, and t-shirt, tribe members came together pre-event to forge their tribe identities through cheers and preparing choreographed stage performances.

Held at the Singapore Expo, tribes found themselves competing across 20 different game stations (including a rock wall!) for the day event. In the night section, kicked off by the lighting of a larger-than-life cauldron, they dined together and performed to impassioned cheers.

The result was a lively display of enthusiasm from all participants, forging new friendships among staff and management!It certainly set the bar for all Siemens events to come!