Investment Evolution

A fluid strategy demands equally dynamic communication. Fund house Nikko AM employs a multi-asset approach that evolves and adapts to changing market conditions – a versatility that translated beautifully into the style of motion graphics.

In a departure from the usual dry and numerical aesthetic expected of financial communications, we rendered each graphic in an exciting futuristic style, whilst still maintaining Nikko AM’s signature clean look.

The Basic Building Block

Because the financial environment is very fast-paced and always changing, we wanted to illustrate the narrative of navigating this environment with deftness and dexterity.

Using the triangle as a base, we took the idea of modular units and built a 3D landscape of different shapes forming and interacting with each other. Presented in a video, we witness an evolution as the units dissolve and reassemble in various permutations and combinations, demonstrating the flexibility and agility of Nikko AM’s approach.

Advancing Our Assets

We pushed the concept further and expanded it into a full digital campaign, developing a microsite with accompanying animations for each facet of the approach and adapting the creative into web banners for various online media.