Prudential Personal Accident

Guerrilla In The Midst

When Prudential Singapore tasked us to excite and remind its Financial Consultants (FCs) of the Personal Accident plan, using the nooks and crannies of their physical office space made perfect sense.

Setting Up The Ambush

Drawing inspiration from the types of accidents that the product covers, we sneaked the communications into strategic locations, with guerrilla activation events on 3 days over the 3-week campaign.

Our goal was to engage the FCs and evoke a reaction that made them remember the product.

Taking Them By Surprise

The FCs were "waylaid" and taken by surprise at the lobby, entering the carpark, even in the toilet! Always, they were left with the question, "How prepared will your customers be?"

Whether it was shock, caution, curiosity, or a laugh, the unconventional tactics created a buzz within the office and certainly got people talking about the product!